West Kootenay’s Laura Sacks trained by former VP Gore on climate change

Laura Sacks participated in training sessions on climate science, seeking solutions to the crisis.

Laura Sacks (right) attended the Climate Reality Leadership training with 800 others, including Sudbury engineering student Kaella-Marie Earle (left). (Submitted)

The Climate Reality Project, founded by former Vice-President Al Gore, is a global network of citizens committed to solving climate change.

Over the course of three days, Laura Sacks participated in training sessions on climate science, solutions to solve the crisis and communications techniques to rally Canadians behind those solutions. Sacks has also committed to delivering free presentations on climate change to her community.

She hopes to convince the citizens of West Kootenay region and its local elected officials to collaborate and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

“We are at a critical time, when the impacts of climate change are getting more severe. Yet we also have an exciting opportunity to create a better world by addressing the issue,” says Sacks. “By staying active and engaged in the community — as part of a global initiative — I feel hopeful that we can avoid the worst of climate change’s impacts.”

“I look forward to offering presentations to community groups and others who would like to be kept current about this pressing issue,” adds Sacks. “I can cater the presentation toward your group’s particular interest.”

Sacks is the only Climate Reality Leader in the Kootenays. You can contact her at ccl.westkootenay@gmail.com

The Climate Reality Project Canada is the Canadian branch of a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing action around the issue of climate change. So far, the movement’s Founder, former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, has trained over 10,000 Climate Reality Leaders around the world, whose role is to promote education and action with regards to the climate crisis. There are over 600 active Climate Reality Leaders across Canada.

For more information, visit www.climatereality.ca or follow us on Twitter at @Reality_Canada.