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Castlegar Art Walk bios for Sept. 7

This year marks the 21st Annual Castlegar Art Walk, featuring more than 28 artists.

This year marks the 21st Annual Castlegar Art Walk, featuring more than 28 local and regional artists and artisans at 28 venues throughout the city.

The self-guided tour is a celebration of exploration and inspiration through a variety of media and runs from June 26 until Sept. 17. Detailed maps are available at the Castlegar Visitor Centre and from venue locations.

Each week, the Castlegar News will feature biographies from the exciting artists in the show.

Stephanie Harron

Venue – Common Grounds

Artistic Medium — Photographs

Hometown – Castlegar, BC

Artist’s Bio and Statement

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1968, and immigrating to Canada when I was a teenager, I have tried to capture the beauty of my surroundings and the vast wildernesses of Canada through my camera. Having settled and making my home in the town of Castlegar, West Kootenays, British Columbia, has given me a vastness of opportunities in this land of diverse cultures, endless mountains and forests. Through the years, since I was a small child I have had a deep heartfelt connection with the wilderness and wildlife in their natural habitats, it is a strong spiritual connection that brings me endless peace and leaves me feeling balanced with the world and society. I was introduced to photography at a young age developing film and prints from about the age of nine and my education in photographic arts progressed through grammar school in Northern Ireland and college in Canada.

My professional portfolio has focused mostly on commercial/industrial and journalistic type photography. I have developed many different photographic styles over the years in fine art portraiture, photojournalism, to astrophotography and landscapes, with my favorite disciplines being landscape and wildlife photography. I have preferred to stay away from Photoshop and other such graphic arts programs for photo enhancement and in preferring to do so I only use such programs to duplicate techniques that I used in darkroom laboratories before digital imaging replaced the age of film. Preferring this approach, I use professional lens filters to control my light temperatures and creative exposures and have been modifying existing filters available, as well as developing my own specialized filters to suit the purpose of various photographic scenarios.

Kari Burk

Confluence Painters Venue – Central City Shoes

Artistic Medium – Paintings and Photos

Hometown – Robson

Artist’s Bio and Statement

Castlegar Artwalk is an opportunity to present myself with an artistic challenge.

For Artwalk 2017 I did an illustrated investigation of people who love books and reading (a.k.a. bibliophiles) to exhibit at Castlegar Public Library.

I used a combination of photography, drawing and collage to achieve the layers of self that intertwine when a person reads.

The idea for the series came from a photograph I found of my son about age ten (he’s 30 years old now) He was sitting in the sun on our front porch reading a book. The photo got me thinking about how reading can be a big part of people’s lives so I decided to research bibliophiles I knew as well as create a few of my own.

“Go out and change the world with art” — Francis Ford Coppola

Castlegar Arts and Crafts

Venue – In-Gear Mechanical (#23)

Artistic Medium – Watercolours, Line Drawings, Photo Art

Hometown – Castlegar


Artist’s Bio and Statement

We are a group of people who meet regularly for a studio evening, for the sole purpose of enjoying, sharing and promoting the creative process. Participants work on their own projects with their own chosen materials and media. We welcome people wishing to join a friendly group to create in their media of choice. Media used by our present group includes: watercolor, photography, ink, mixed media and paper cutting. Also welcome, for example, would be: needlework, stenciling, acrylic painting and any project using non-toxic materials. Members of Castlegar Arts and Crafts exhibit their art works as a group and as individuals.

Submissions from:

Andy Saumure — Duck Island

Mary Kate Woodward — Anticipating Apples

Per Joensen — Moss


Kari Burk