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Metalfest tips for survival

Armstrong Metalfest is kicking off on July 14 and 15 at the Hassen Arena in Armstrong, B.C.

With Armstrong Metalfest kicking off on July 14 and 15 at the Hassen Arena in Armstrong, B.C., the event has issued 13 tips in their survival guide for those attending.

This year’s ninth edition is once again situated in the Okanagan Valley with the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

The fest is British Columbia’s largest gathering of metalheads from across Western Canada and beyond.

This year’s 2017 line up includes headliners Boston’s tech death/thrash titans Revocation, Vancouver’s reggae-metal fusion Ninjaspy, Canadian ‘80s thrash legends Aggression and Vancouver Whammy Award Best Local Metal Artist winner Golers among many more from across the country.

A weekend pass is available for $120 regular pre-sale with camping included in ticket price. Weekend of festival, the weekend pass will be $160 at the festival gate. Day pass will be available at the festival gate only for $70. Camping is an additional $20 for day pass per night.

Please visit the following link for details and purchase:

How To Survive AMF 2017:

1. Besides the beer remember to hydrate. Its long days of moshing and headbanging. So don’t forget while funneling the beers down to keep some water on hand. No passing out allowed.

2. Don’t forget to wear your official AMF T-shirt.

3. Don’t blast yourself to deafness. Earplugs got to protect that hearing for future fests.

4. Show me the money. Don’t forget to bring enough coins for band merch, grub and drinks, etc. ATM on site.

5. Get off your phone and watch the show. But when ya do need it… make sure it’s all charged up for that one call ya do need to make.

6. OH Behave. Respect others and others will respect you.

7. Don’t forget the cool runnings. Cooler for your beers. Got to keep them cozy when ya return to the campsite for pillaging.

8. If ya see a bear, back away slowly, preferably in the direction you came. Walk, don’t run, and keep your eye on the bear so you can see how it will react.

9. Print band schedule. Don’t want to miss the band you really want to see, we will have some on site, but they do run out quick.

10. Don’t Litter. Not cool fool. Make sure you have enough garbage bags on camp site.

11. Pack the right stuff; make sure you got the essentials, sun screen, TP, snacks, beer stein, first aid kit, allergy pills, and maybe some pepto.

12. Sleeping between the mountains and under the stars.

Don’t forget to bring a comfy tent, air mattress or ground foam pad, sleeping bags, tarps in case it rains, bug repellent, boots if it rains, some basic gear consisting of a camping stove, instant coffee, a flashlight, etc.

13. No campfires. So make sure you have something warm to wear in case it’s a tad chilly. You’re in the mountains and the beautiful backdrop of the Okanagan. Respect the beauty of nature.

Line-Up &Set Times:

Friday, July 14


11:00am – 11:25am – DAHLMERS REALM (Edmonton, AB) (Broken Neck Radio People’s Choice Winner) –

11:35am – 12:00pm – SPORE (Nelson, BC) –

12:10pm – 12:35pm – THE AVULSION (Lethbridge, AB) –

12:45pm – 1:10pm – SERAPHIC NIHILIST (Prince George, BC) –

1:20pm – 1:45pm – ARKENFIRE (Kelowna, BC) –

1:55pm – 2:20pm – ATROUS LEVIATHIAN (Victoria, BC) –

2:30pm – 2:55pm – OSSIFIC (Winnipeg, MB) –

3:05pm – 3:30pm – NOMAD (Enderby, BC) –

3:40pm – 4:05pm – ZUCKUSS (Vancouver, BC) –

4:15pm – 4:40pm – APOLLYON (Kelowna, BC) –

4:50pm – 5:15pm – EXPAIN (Vancouver, BC) –

5:25pm – 5:50pm – DROP DEAD FRED (Kelowna, BC) –

6:00pm – 6:30pm – WMD (Calgary, AB) –

6:40pm – 7:10pm – ANGELMAKER (Vancouver, BC) –

7:20pm – 7:50pm – EXIT STRATEGY (Calgary, AB) –

8:00pm 100 MAN SHOTGUN (Beer Event)

8:15pm – 8:50pm – ODINFIST (Armstrong, BC) –

9:10pm – 9:55pm – XUL (Vernon, BC) –

10:15pm – 11:00pm – NINJASPY (Vancouver, BC) –

11:20pm – 12:20am – GOLERS (Vancouver, BC) (Vancouver Whammy Award Best Local Metal Artist winner) –—103231376426551

Saturday, July 15


11:00am – 11:25am – TRAIN BIGGER MONKEYS (Calgary, AB) –

11:35am – 12:00pm – THE DRAGSTRIP DEVILS (Kelowna, BC) –

12:10pm – 12:35pm – GATEKEEPER (Vancouver, BC) –

12:45pm – 1:10pm – GARDENER (Vernon, BC) –

1:20pm – 1:45pm – TALES OF THE TOMB (Edmonton, AB) –

1:55pm – 2:20pm – CELL (Winnipeg, MB) –

2:30pm – 3:00pm – CITIZEN RAGE (Calgary, AB) –

3:10pm – 3:40pm – GLADIUS SKY (Vernon, BC) –

3:50pm – 4:20pm – SLAGDUSTER (Grand Forks, BC) –

4:30pm – 5:00pm – GALACTIC PEGASUS (Vancouver, BC) –

5:10pm – 5:40pm – EYE OF HORUS (Edmonton, AB) –

5:50pm – 6:25pm – DEAD QUIET (Vancouver, BC) –

6:25pm – 6:50pm – TRASH WRESTLING EVENT

6:50pm – 7:30pm – TERRIFIER (Vancouver, BC) –

7:30pm – 7:55pm – TRASH WRESTLING EVENT

7:55pm – 8:35pm – COCAINE MOUSTACHE (Vancouver, BC) –

8:35pm – 9:00pm – TRASH WRESTLING EVENT

9:00pm – 9:45pm – PLANET EATER (Regina, SK) –

10:10pm – 10:55pm – AGGRESSION (Vancouver, BC) –

11:15pm – 12:15am – REVOCATION (Boston, MA) –