Letter: Another vote for weekly garbage pickup in Castlegar

Further to Mr. Carter’s letter of last week, the majority of people I talked to all have concerns and great dissatisfaction about dirty garbage being picked up only once every two weeks during months of June, July, August and September.

The terrible smell not only attracts bears but also makes the garage (where most people store garbage) a terrible place to work in or store items.

In some cases gross maggots result and add to health hazard.

I have been in touch with Trail residents (similar population) and they do garbage on weekly basis.

This proablem requires further reconsideration by Castlegar city council and is not the area where most residents would want budget savings to be made.

Over last two years, city has increased our charges of utilities by eliminating the early pay discount. I encourage 0thers to voice their concerns to council.

Shirley Wanjoff