Editorial: Addiction facility great for community

Castlegar residents have been calling for help in dealing with the addiction problem, and this is a significant step in the right direction.

RCMP’s annual Cops For Kids Ride set to push off Friday

The 10-day ride will pass through 18 communities in the southern B.C. Interior, raising money for sick kids.

Body recovered in Halfway River, Nakusp, BC

Body of 19 year-old missing man found near Nakusp BC

Snowed in? Who is and who isn’t?

We want to know and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Editorial: RDCK doesn’t value local bids

Editorial comment deals with tendering process for renovations at RDCK offices

EDITORIAL: Debate Rules

Citizens turning out to ask questions is a key part of the local political process.

Seniors’ power coming

Editorial comment addresses the value of visitors - the win-win of treating people well.

A loon or two for KRUNA?

Editorial comment focuses on a Regional District grants process

Community Forum a great place to engage in democracy

Facilities such as this should be packed with participants

The Remembrance Day poppy story – Gord Turner column

Bi-weekly column from Castlegar city councillor and former Selkirk prof Gord Turner.

Fall in line – editorial

Editorial from Oct. 11, 2012 Castlegar News by acting editor Craig Lindsay.

First things first this July first

Canada Day hoopla postponed in Castlegar, editorial view supports the city's decision

Park is a showpiece in waiting

Editorial comment looks at the value of upgrades to Castlegar's downtown park

Turmoil over planned Japanese trip

Editorial take on mayor and travel companions facing criticism over goodwill journey

Ladies and gentlemen, play hockey!

All big tournaments and attractions started small, maybe there's something big with ball hockey

Time to put on the host’s hat

Like municipal ambassadors, Castlegar residents can help their city thrive

Special company coming

Hansen anniversary relay coming through Castlegar, Hansen himself coming for separate occasion

The puck has dropped

Play off hockey about to grip the neighbourhood, the continent... the WORLD!

How many fighters should be in the budget?

Editorial commentary suggests the purchase of fewer warplanes by the federal government may be prudent

So, what is there to do in Castlegar?

Editorial comment promotes miscellaneous upcoming events in the West Kootenay community