Karen Haviland

Taco Truck

New policy on mobile vendors yet to be adopted by Castlegar council

New policy on mobile vendors yet to be adopted by Castlegar council

Taco Truck

Do the right thing

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist draws personal parallel with a pair of recent incidents

Walk in their shoes

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist Karen Haviland reminisces about the sad plight of an acquaintance.

Hail to intuition

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist looks back at children's misguided medical recreation

Technology at its worst

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist Karen Haviland examines some of the mixed blessings of modern technology

Here’s a tip for you

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist Karen reflects on issues relating to people's perceptions of what others do for a living

The Fickle Finger of Fate

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist Karen Haviland reflects on past events, and what may have been.

Goodbye to Camping – Karen Havilland column

Column for bimonthly columnist Karen Havilland on the end of summer and the end of camping for the year.

All for the sake of beauty

Observations by bi-weekly columnist on the lengths to which people have gone to attain their idea of beauty

Goodbye to a dear friend

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist offers a tribute to a departed friend

Good wins versus evil

Bi-weekly columnist examines and ugly incident in the news, and the upside announced in its wake

Sometimes Life Isn’t Fair

Observations and ideas from Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist

Worry not about the children

Observations on the historic relevance of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival Castlegar bi-weekly columnist

Living in the moment

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist resolves to devote more time and effort to what's most important to her

Getting our fair share

Bi-Weekly columnist looks into the benefits of expanding the practice of sharing

Big Brother butt out

Bi-weekly Castlegar News columnist says a person's facebook history is no business of would be employers

If it seems too good to be true…

Submission by bi-weekly columnist about just having been had

Cheaters never win

Observations and thoughts from Castlegar News biweekly columnist

Understanding the ripple effect

Semi-weekly columnist examines her past for socially-relevant insights

Counting on timing and judgement

Semi-weekly columnist examines feelings and reactions that come with intense pressure