John White

Castlegar Rebels take flight in win over Grand Forks

Team speed was too much for the visiting Grand Forks Border Bruins to handle.

Poll: Were you pleased to see movement on proposed changes to the water/sewer rate plan?

Changes were made in response to concerns raised during public feedback period.

Guest column: Taking on the tough feline issues

In the spirit of Family Circus and Bill Keane, we bring you a guest column from John’s cat Maddy

Castlegar Rebels dominate Nelson Leafs in wild win

The Rebels staved off aggressive checking in the first period and wore down the Leafs.

John White: Criticism welcome, slander and gossip not so much

There’s been a trend I’ve noticed recently that I’ve found disturbing and disheartening.

Poll: Do you want to see more public access to the Columbia River waterfront?

A recent public open house was heated as two sides to the issue debated the merits of the plan

John White: It was a stretch to think I could easily yoga

I finally took the rather uncomfortable plunge for the first time this past Sunday.

John White: To boldly go behind enemy lines, in a hotbed

Going behind enemy lines is a daring manoeuvre in most cases.

John White: You oughtta be in pictures, and articles

You want your kick-butt local happenings and sporting events in the paper and on our website.

John White: I felt like a hockey player, until the flagrant nausea

Your brain thinks you can just hop back on the ice and cut it up like there was no lapse in activity

Web poll: What would you do with the city budget (and taxes)?

READ MORE: City of Castlegar seeks input on 2018 budget What would…

Castlegar Rebels come out gunning in 9-2 romp

The Castlegar Rebels proved they can play it tight and structured or loose and wide-open.

Castlegar Rebels shut out Dynamiters 5-0

Castlegar Rebels goaltender Tanner Douglas was smiling broadly after stopping all 23 shots.

John White: Lifting the lid on our sausage-making machine

This one is from the “I Bet You Didn’t Know” file…

Join the Castlegar News Facebook readers group

The Castlegar News has launched a Facebook group for engaged readers of our paper and website.

Web poll: Do you support the idea of a marijuana production facility next to the airport?

READ MORE: Castlegar council moves forward with marijuana facility rezoning Do you…

Live: Castlegar Council Meeting, Nov. 6, 2017

Live: Castlegar Council Meeting, Nov. 6, 2017

John White: The nightly rumble with Scumbag Brain

I’ve been engaged in a hearty battle with Scumbag Brain over the…

Forecheck powers Nelson Leafs to 7-3 win over Castlegar Rebels

They were done in by “breakdowns” that the Nelson Leafs pounced on to trounce the Rebels 7-3.

LGBTQ health disparity study in B.C. leads to surprise finding

Suicidal thoughts and attempts go down by half for straight males in schools with GSAs.