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BC drivers can now find most fuel-efficient route on Google Maps

Web company’s ‘eco-friendly routing’ feature recently launched in Canada
A test of Google Maps’ new ‘eco-friendly routing’ feature in Victoria. (Google Maps)

As the already high B.C. gas prices have only become more volatile since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a new service might help drivers get the most use out of every drop in their tank.

Google Maps now has “eco-friendly routing,” which it says will get users to their destination quickly, but also optimize lower fuel consumption. A search for directions on Google Maps will now show the most fuel-efficient route for drivers, with a leaf symbol used to identify that course.

The service launched in Canada in late March after it was first released in the United States last fall. The web company hopes the feature will help reduce air pollution and help drivers save money. It estimates eco-friendly routing could prevent more than one million metric tonnes of carbon emissions every year, which Google said is equivalent to removing 200,000 internal combustion engine vehicles from the road.

The most efficient route also shows what percentage of fuel the driver would save by taking it. In a test, a Black Press Media reporter found the two most popular ways to get to and from work were burning five per cent more fuel than the suggested route.

Google says the most fuel-efficient routes usually include ones with constant speeds, less traffic and few hills.

Google Maps also now gives electric vehicle drivers the ability to find charging stations and see, in real-time, whether a charger is in use.

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