Castlegar Toyota adopts QR codes, giving rapid access to auto info

Technological improvement likely to enhance of Toyota-related experience

Castlegar, B.C. – Castlegar Toyota has recently adopted the use of QR codes in their print

advertising to provide automobile shoppers with a rapid way to access information using their

smartphones or tablets.

QR stands for quick response, a technology that was developed by Toyota in 1994 to keep track

of their vast, world-wide auto parts inventory.

“We’re thrilled to be implementing technology that Toyota developed almost 20 years ago,” said

Craig Kalawsky, president of Castlegar Toyota. “Toyota has always been a great innovator in the

automotive sector and this is just one example of an invention that’s hit the mainstream in a big


Since that time, QR codes have proven to be so useful in rapidly accessing information that they

are appearing more and more in print ads every day.

The QR codes themselves look like miniature crossword puzzles without letters and numbers or


[set slightly oversized image of QR code provided and wrap copy around it]

These codes, when scanned with the camera of a smartphone or tablet and equipped with a free,

easily downloadable QR scanner app, will rapidly to take you to a website where you can learn

more. It’s that simple and that fast.

Get a QR app, scan the code, and start learning more about what interests you.

Free QR scanner apps are readily available at Apple’s iTunes store or anywhere else mobile apps

for Android and Blackberry devices may be found.

With smartphone and tablet sales expected to eclipse sales of desktop computers by 2015, this

technology is garnering widespread attention.

“Many people now have computers in the palms of their hands, and they are extremely savvy

about researching and shopping for products online,” said Kalawsky. “We’re simply interested in

drawing attention to QR codes in our marketing, so they can begin to weigh automobile

information that will help them in their decision-making.”

QR codes also have the potential to activate YouTube videos or other original content, making

the experience for adopters of the technology fun and exciting. There’s really no limit to what a

QR code will reveal once you scan it.

To learn more about Castlegar Toyota’s products and services, visit or

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