Fabian Glowalla of Mercer Celgar has been recognized by the the Forests Products Association of Canada. Photo submitted

Fabian Glowalla of Mercer Celgar has been recognized by the the Forests Products Association of Canada. Photo submitted

Mercer Celgar employee receives industry award

Fabian Glowalla was recognized with an Innovation Award from Canada’s forest products sector.

Fabian Glowalla of Mercer Celgar Pulp in Castlegar is the recipient of the Forest Products Association of Canada’s 2021 Innovation Award.

The Innovation Award is presented to a visionary who demonstrates commitment to environmental leadership, sustainable forest management practices, and forging a path to a green and growing future using forest-based innovations.

“Innovation is a cornerstone of Canada’s forest sector, and the development of new processes and products are contributing to a massive transformation of the industry,” said president and CEO Derek Nighbor. “It’s important that we recognize and support these game-changing ideas and initiatives, and recognize people like Fabian who demonstrate that we can reimagine the resources and products we use through a greener lens.”

In April, Mercer Celgar began a renewed 10-year energy purchase agreement with BC Hydro. Glowalla developed a workbench to track Mercer Celgar’s energy output in a way that compares it to the optimal trends provided in the contract.

Using the tool to look back on success and growth opportunities, as well as prepare for the upcoming trends, has been incredibly beneficial to team members. Thanks to Glowalla’s aptitude, abilities, and foresight with this tool, Mercer Celgar is well positioned to maximize the revenues under the energy purchase agreement.

“I’m extremely honored to be receiving such an important award. I’m thankful for the recognition of my work to manage Mercer Celgar’s power sales under changing ecological and economic conditions,” said Glowalla.

“Receiving this year’s innovation award reflects not only on me but on the entire team at Mercer Celgar, to which I like to extend my gratitude. In the years ahead we will need to adapt to global warming and climate change, go beyond reducing our GHG emissions and use innovation to aid our industry to reach net negative emissions. As part of the FPAC community, we will continue to work towards a sustainable future.”

Glowalla began his career with Mercer International in 2004 at the Mercer Stendal operation. In 2015, he and his family moved to Canada to work at Mercer Celgar. He spent three years in his role as energy manager before moving to the role of area manager, power and recovery.

Most recently, in 2020, Glowalla was promoted to manager, energy and innovation in the business excellence department. Glowalla is known for his level-headedness and strategic analytical thinking. He is a natural problem solver and innovative thinker who approaches tasks and challenges with optimism, intention and creativity.