Good times on demand

Party time starts when you show up at Kootenay Partycraft on Columbia Avenue in Castlegar.

Sara Maloff

Sara Maloff

Party time starts when you show up at Kootenay Partycraft on Columbia Avenue in Castlegar. Here’s where you’ll find a super-stocked location with a super-friendly and helpful staff. They’ve got a lot invested in your good times and they’re eager to prove it.

They’re settling in to a new address with a new name, but you’ll likely remember “Your Dollar Store with More” in the ‘No Frills’ Mall.The marketplace and the economy may be changeable but the consumer’s desire for variety, value and time-tested service is a constant.

Neil Pereverzoff and his staff are excitedly working hard at the next phase of their retail adventure.They moved across the street and got the whole job done within a 30-day time frame – quite an achievement given the massive inventory they needed to deal with.

The store is now next to Quality Tires and it’s full speed ahead to the future.”This is the former King of Floors location” said Neil on Oct. 13. “Originally it was a bus depot with a red, white and blue tile floor.”Pereverzoff went on to describe a complete gutting and redesign of the space to its present format. He expressed a lot of gratitude to Larry Chernenkoff, the building’s owner “for accommodating us on our very quick move.”Doing business in this area is second nature to the Nelson-born, Slocan Valley-raised entrepreneur.

His family moved to Raspberry Village in 1963. Neil got acquainted with the work ethic through a stint working at Johnny’s Grocery and Gas Sales. He went on to jobs with Palm Dairies and at the sawmill next to Celgar.The lure of the real estate business got hold of Neil in 1975 and he worked in that field for 24 years. It was during his early time as a realtor that he took an interest in association management and became a director of the Kootenay Real Estate Board, and later, as executive officer of the Kamloops Real Estate Board.Back to business – Neil jumped ahead to 1999 when, looking for a change he saw an opportunity with a dollar store franchise that became available… and seized it.He says he felt it was an interesting business.”I liked the potential and the variety,” he said, describing how he got started in Nelson before taking on another location in Castlegar in 2007.

Running the two stores continued through 2008 when Neil and his partner, Slocan Valley-native Natasha Jmieff decided to concentrate on the Castlegar business.Neil says the store had a good run in the mall when Extra Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart were there, but foot traffic dropped considerably with the SDM departure. With the announcement that a large competitor was locating to the mall a move and change became necessary as the best course of action for the opportunistic Pereverzoff.They got down to work and made the move, settling in just in time for the Halloween rush – one of their busiest times of the year.As the new name suggests, the new enterprise puts a greater emphasis on party and craft supplies, plus many new and unique items.The staff, which includes Neil, Natasha and Sara Maloff, is sold on this type of operation.Natasha has been a valued and trusted asset. “Neil hired me to work for him six years ago,” she said. “You can’t make any money writing poetry,” she laughed. “This is working out.”They like the festive feel of the place, the way people seem to shift into party mode as soon as they walk in.See if you don’t agree. Check out Kootenay Partycraft…right beside Quality Tires at 1507 Columbia Avenue.