Local businesses celebrate Small Business Week in Castlegar

Kootenay Career Development Society hosted a Business-to-Business event at their Castlegar office on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

(L - R): Jan Wright

(L - R): Jan Wright

Kootenay Career Development Society (KCDS) hosted a Business-to-Business event at their Castlegar office on Tuesday, Oct. 22 as a way to celebrate Small Business Week in B.C. offering an opportunity to local businesses to network and learn about, and from, each other.

“We’re partnering with Castlegar Chiropractic & Health, Castlegar Youth Employment Services, Anna McCullagh RMT, and Castlegar Meal Delivery,” said Leni Normington, employment counsellor and marketing coordinator for KCDS prior to the event.

KCDS offers a wide range of programs and services for either new or  established businesses, big or small. Job creation partnerships for projects that contribute to community building are a key part of the services KCDS provides. They are also able to pair businesses with consultants who can assess and deliver solutions to improve operations of specific areas.

“We’re reaching out to employers to let them know that we also provide a targeted wage subsidy program, which allows employers to receive funds for training,” said Jan Wright, executive director.

Bob Wright, wage subsidy coordinator, expanded on that by saying he is the person to contact if your business is thinking of hiring a new, permanent, full-time employee. He said up to 50 per cent of the new employees’s wages can be covered for up to six month, provided they meet certain eligibility requirements. After he spoke, some business owners in the room said they had directly benefit from exactly that.

KCDS also offers labour market information, employment outlook data, job postings and much more, both in the office and online at www.kcds.ca.

Dr. David Bzdel, of Castlegar Chiropractic & Health, happily provided a tour of the facilities he shares in the building, explaining that it was all custom built especially for chiropractic services.

Bzdel, in turn, shares the space with Anna McCullagh, RMT, who provides massage therapy services. The many treatment rooms are laden with high-tech tools that help Bzdel and McCullagh provide a holistic approach to clients. Bzdel is also one of a few doctors in North America currently enrolled in a Masters degree in Chiropractic Pediatrics.

Throughout the evening, guests dined on appies and beverages like salt and pepper chicken wings, Greek flatbread, Asian spring rolls with peanut sauce which were served by Castlegar Meal Delivery.

Stuart Ady and Tammy Verigin-Burk, of the Castlegar Chamber of Commerce, thanked the KCDS staff for hosting the event and received a warm thank you from those gathered as well.