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Boulevard Hair in Castlegar has wide ranging array of services and products

Beverley Chernoff's credentials include the designation of Certified Master Pedicurist

Beverley Chernoff's credentials include the designation of Certified Master Pedicurist

Just as with houses, highways and skyscrapers, your body’s foundation has to be in good shape or the rest of it will notice something’s not right.

As well as being a successful hairstylist with a lengthy  history in Castlegar, Beverley Chernoff is a Certified Master Pedicurist. The designation is important because it means she can be trusted with esthetic challenges right up to relatively intense foot care. She’s trained to know what’s best for her clients and when to recommend the attention of a doctor.

“Ive been doing hair at Boulevard since 1990,” she relates, “and I’ve had pedicures as part of my business for at least 15 years. I’m delving into the foot care aspect of it now. I’m promoting more pedicures and foot care because it all starts with your feet.”

Proper, attentive foot care need not be considered a luxury. With preventative maintenance from a friendly and qualified professional like Beverley, a person’s whole outlook is likely to improve with feet looking and feeling better.

“If you’ve got sore, unhealthy feet your whole body is out of line,” she says. “A lot of people have got that one thick toenail, they’ve got extreme callouses or they’ve got corns but they don’t deal with them. And it does cause a problem in your gait… the way you walk. Everything has to be in line with your spine and your feet to be healthy and happy.”

Beverley is planning to devote specific time to the feet in this community. She’s fully set up with the products and equipment to give feet the beneficial treatment they deserve.

The service is available now, call in to book an apppointment on designated, foot care days. She will still be operating her hair salon.

Are you the kind of person who tries to forget about your feet once your socks are pulled up? Are you tired of trying to be a contortionist while trying to file your own foot callouses? Don’t put it off any longer. Take the proven step toward improved comfort and quality of life – call Beverley at 250-365-0668.

Along with helpful knowledge and ability, Beverley stocks an impressive assortment of high-end Foot-Logix ® products.

From one end of your form to the other, from head to toe, you deserve to look and feel your best. Go for it, give Beverley a call at Boulevard Hair (and foot care), in South Castlegar right beside Castlegar Realty.