Amy Koenen working away at Her HQ in downtown Castlegar.                                 Photo: Betsy Kline

Amy Koenen working away at Her HQ in downtown Castlegar. Photo: Betsy Kline

New Castlegar business offers co-working space for women

Her HQ is designed for productivity and personal growth.

A local woman with a passion for improving women’s lives has created a unique business to do just that.

After struggling with isolation and trying to work out of coffee shops while starting up another business, Amy Koenen decided she would like to become part of the solution for other women like her.

“The coffee shops weren’t a great place for me to go,” said Koenen. “I was spending too much money and eating foods that I didn’t need. I was getting interrupted.”

So Her HQ was born.

Her HQ is a women-centered co-working space and personal growth hub in downtown Castlegar at 1245 3rd St.

“Helping women and seeing women at their best is something that is really near and dear to me,” said Koenen.

She wanted to give women a non-gym option to work on themselves.

“A place to be a community and share and have real conversations with people,” explained Koenen.

So the business has two aspects — the self-help/group support side and then the co-working work space rental side.

Patrons who would like to rent a desk for an hour or a day can reserve a space to work in a quiet, productive, professional office. The location also has meeting spaces to rent.

Koenen is on hand to offer support and coaching if someone wants the help.

“I think everyone has a gift to be able to share and try to make some money off of their skills and talents,” she says.

Workshops and classes have been going on since March for things like journaling and women in business meet-ups that encourage professional development.

Future workshops will include financial management, social media development, creativity, computer literacy and meditation.

Koenen says that the business will be growing and changing to meet the needs of clients that sign up for memberships.

“It is like a gym for the mind and heart,” she explains. “There are lots of places to go to look a certain way — but where do you go to feel a certain way?”

Koenen hopes that place will be Her HQ.

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