No needle needed

Canine oral hygiene in Castlegar... with no anesthetic

Who doesn't feel better with clean teeth?

Who doesn't feel better with clean teeth?

It’s safe to suggest that pooch-types rely on their pearly whites as much, or more than most others. Switching to something soft (the right kind of soft) just may not be so straightforward as it is with us when our teeth are tender.

It’s also reasonable to assume that not many of us (two-and four-leggers) like getting jabbed with a needle.

Where this is going is… Kootenay Critters in Castlegar, where the’ve been performing anesthetic-free teeth cleaning for the past 10 months.

“Complete Canine” is the name of the concept, and Angie Noad of Kootenay Critters has made a trip south of the line to get up to speed on the process.

“It was in Denver Colorado, instructed by a veterinarian. “It’s actually scaling the tartar off the teeth, polishing them, and the dog doesn’t have to be put under… completely drug free.”

She told the Castlegar News on Feb. 1 that interest and acceptance had been good to that point, and that dogs seem to take to the treatment very well.

“Most of the dogs lie really still for it. They don’t mind it at all, actually.”

No one needs to be reminded of the importance of dental health, and no one would want anything but the best for their dog.

Consider anesthetic-free teeth cleaning, from the caring folks at Kootenay Critters, 502 Columbia in Castlegar. 250-365-7370.