Power cutting kudos to Castlegar Canadian Tire

Fortis BC presents an award to local outlet for energy-saving measures

Pictured for the occasion are

Pictured for the occasion are

The local Canadian Tire outlet was in line for Power Sense Excellence Award for energy-saving steps made at the store. A presentation was made on November 25.

“It’s for those customers who have saved over 100,000 kilowatt hours,” said Doug Lamminen, Power Sense Technical Advisor with Fortis BC. He pointed out that the Castlegar Canadian Tire outlet had actually saved 212,000 kilowatt hours over a one-year period.

“We had older haloid lamps and fixtures,” informed local Canadian Tire Franchisee Bob Saari. “We’d taken the opportunity to replace every light fixture in the store and our warehouse system, our service garage and all of our offices.”As a result of the change there’ll be a significant payback, over time, of course.”The cost of the changeover was $165,000.”We’re very pleased that Fortis BC has supported us in this initiative.”