Soap & Suds Laundromat is easy to find... in the Kootenay Crossing Shopping Centre directly behind McDonalds.

Soap & Suds Laundromat is easy to find... in the Kootenay Crossing Shopping Centre directly behind McDonalds.

Soap & Suds are just the start

Sophisticated cleaning apparatus set up for specialized tasks

Everybody likes, and needs clean stuff… clothes, of course… but even the items you’d never dream of trying to put in a washer and dryer are crying out for a cleaning treatment too.

How do you suppose fine jewelry and specialized instruments get a first rate cleaning? Chances are it’s the kind of unit Maryann and Richard Cooney are bringing in to Soap & Suds Laundromat in the Kootenay Crossing shopping centre.

The couple who has just taken over the business is investing in a high-end piece of hardware to add to the appeal of the facility. It’s an ultrasonic cleaner and the results it will produce for patrons in the Castlegar area are unbelievable. This is the unit for that large assortment of items that are, otherwise, a problem to clean.

“This will allow us to go above and beyond… offering our customers more than the regular washers and dryers,” said Richard at the spotless enterprise last weekend.

“One of the biggest things we’ll be doing is (window) blinds. It’ll do pretty well any object that you can’t put in a washing machine… like skates.”

Other candidates for the ultrasonic treatment are items so dirty you wouldn’t want them in a regular machine, your own or otherwise – firefighters’ turnout gear is an example… hockey and other sports gear, too.

“Sometimes fire-restoration companies have them. You can even put a computer tower in it,” said Richard.

Ropes used for rescue, or on boats are well-cleaned by the ultrasonic unit.

“I don’t know if you do any boating,” he said, “but around here your white rope goes green pretty quick. They’re just a pain to clean but this will do it in a heartbeat.”

The idea is not new, in fact Richard pointed out that various auto repair shops have smaller versions of the unit for cleaning auto parts, like pistons… rings… etcetera, with a solvent.

“Ours is used with a water-based detergent.”

Remember Soap n Suds when you have a specialized need for cleaning, and also when a modern and smooth-running traditional washer and dryer meets your needs. It’s an attended facility, tidy and comfortable and conveniently located directly behind McDonald’s in Castlegar.