The stage is set

Heritage Credit Union has agreed to fund a portable stage for the Midway and Beyond Little Theatre over the next three years.

Heritage Credit Union Director Darla Ashton presents a cheque for $4

Heritage Credit Union Director Darla Ashton presents a cheque for $4

John Hibberson’s dream of a properly equipped venue for community theatre in the West Boundary is becoming a reality.

Hibberson, representing the Midway Community Association (sponsor of Midway and Beyond Little Theatre), accepted a cheque for $4,700 from Heritage Credit Union Director Darla Ashton on Tuesday, July 8 at the West Boundary Branch in Greenwood.

The cheque is the first of three annual instalments toward the purchase of a portable stage system for the theatre that will be located in the Midway Community Hall.

“Because it is a lot of money, we are doing it over three years,” Hibberson explained.

“This cheque will buy the first four pieces; next year we will buy four more; and the last year four more and a ramp.”

The stage can easily be moved out of the way when the hall is not being actively used in a theatre production. The units are portable and can be easily taken down and stored on two rolling carts.

“It’s a beautiful stage and Canadian too, which is nice,” Hibberson said.

Ashton explained that Heritage Credit Union assists the communities it serves through their Community Investment Policy. “The policy helps to ensure that the communities prosper, businesses and non-profit organizations thrive, and credit union members find that special place where their dreams can grow.”

“This is huge! It was the big ticket item,” Hibberson said as he saw his own dream take a big step toward becoming reality.

Hibberson said some old, not-so-portable stage units would augment the newer units until they can be replaced over the next two years.

“Part of the credit union philosophy is giving back to the communities and the membership that they serve,” Ashton added.

“This credit union philosophy of ethics and community investment is another good reason to invest in the local credit union, and especially this particular credit union branch,” added Hibberson.

All going well, Midway and Beyond Little Theatre’s first production, a radio show drama based on the famous 1896 Camp McKinney Gold Bar Robbery, is planned for early November.