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Village Bistro to be re-opened

Refurbishment, re-opening, revival in store for Doukhobor Village eatery

The Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society is striving to get the Village Bistro at the Doukhobor Discovery Centre open to the public again.

The Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society (KDHS) had dreams of reopening the Village Bistro this past season only to realize the state of disrepair in the kitchen. While the various repairs are minor they are numerous and so it was decided to do it right and renovate the kitchen entirely.

As a number of our directors have both served on and supervised cooking groups at various Doukhobor functions throughout the years and are certified through the BC Food Safe program, we have undertaken to prepare authentic Doukhobor style borscht for sale at the Village Market through “The Apple Guy,” as one fundraising effort. The Apply Guy, Erran Rilkoff has generously offered to return all the proceeds from the sale of the borscht to the KDHS for use towards the kitchen renovations. It is hoped that Erran’s visions for the grounds around the Doukhobor Discovery Centre will be mutually beneficial to the two businesses.

A garage sale fundraiser was also held on Saturday, July 19, at the Village Bistro and another is planned for Saturday, August 23, 2014. The KDHS would like to thank all those who donated items for the garage sale and continues to accept any further donations (no clothes please).

While fundraising continues, it is hoped that the Village Bistro, across from the Castlegar airport, can be reopened and serving Doukhobor cuisine to the public once again in the 2015 season.