April Anarchy at SHSS. Photo: Submitted

April Anarchy at SHSS. Photo: Submitted

April highlights from Castlegar’s high school

Student column from Stanley Humphries Secondary School

Submitted by Angel-Muskaan Uppal

April is the month that Stanley Humphries reopens its doors to students, warmly welcoming them back from spring break. Over the holiday, people were able to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the warmer weather. Everyone returned to school in the first week of April, geared up and ready to learn. This last quarter of the year is packed with final teaching moments, testing, spring events and grad season. The staff and students at SHSS are anticipating all the fun that lies ahead.

March Madness

March Madness — better known as April Anarchy at SHSS this year, got off to a rocky start. In the world of basketball, March Madness is a time period during the month of March when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament is going on. Stanley Humphries has a long-running tradition of replicating this famous basketball tournament by having staff and students making their own teams to play.

The last day before spring break was supposed to be assembly day; the school gathers together in the gym for a series of mini-games, school spirit, and basketball. At least, it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, the gymnasium set on fire unexpectedly, resulting in an extra day of spring break, as well as the cancellation of the much anticipated assembly.

SHSS had to make sure the gym was safe for public use, therefore, the student council reorganised this event as April Anarchy. The vibes, the school spirit, and the hype was maintained until Friday, April 29, the rescheduled day of the assembly. Every grade was assigned a different basketball team and dressed up according to their colours. The championship game was between five graduating students and five teachers. The teacher team “We Teach, You Reach” won 15-11 in an intense game with jaw-dropping highlights. The gym was filled with hootin’ and hollerin’ kids, cheering their peers to victory.

From The Heart

From The Heart is an indiginous and Sinixt land-based club/program at Stanley Humphries with the goal of providing an inclusive and welcoming environment to all students. This club encourages community, enriches cultural identity and gathers strength through learning. The collective members participate in social and recreational activities as well as special events, supported by Ms. Stephanie Harmston.

This week, From The Heart took part in raising awareness for local camas plants. This was an eco-justice, science-based biodiversity movement that allowed participants to learn about endangered cultural species in the Castlegar area.

Relay for Life

April marked the start of Stanley Humphries’ second annual Relay for Life fundraiser. The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is an event like no other. During Relay For Life, students step up, build school spirit and make a real impact while learning valuable lessons about teamwork and giving back.

Stanley Humphries recognizes Relay as a chance to join a global movement, uniting students to raise money for game-changing research into all cancers. For every $500 raised by students, teachers have dedicated themselves to doing incentives such as colouring their hair bright blue or getting a tattoo. Relay for Life at SHSS has big goals and commitments this year, but with the support of the community, the local high school will be able to meet their goal of fundraising $2,500 or more for the Canadian Cancer Society. Thank you to the many local businesses who have donated gift certificates, money, and prizes.


Rugby and soccer, both highly-loved sports by students, are currently in session at Stanley Humphries. Rugby is a continuous game whereby two teams carry, pass, kick and ground the ball in order to score as many points as possible, with the team scoring the greater number of points being the winner. Over the last few years, rugby has gained a lot of popularity at SH. Many students say that the brutality and commitment to the sport is what makes it beautiful and enjoyable.

The girls’ soccer season runs during the spring. This year, the high school has a senior girls team, the first time since 2020 that soccer has been in session. Both teams have been competing in and out of town in tournaments to practice and show off their skills. Home tournaments give students a reason to be on the field during break time, as they love to cheer for their athletically talented counterparts. Many games have been won, and a few lost as well, giving student athletes the opportunity to show sportsmanship and the merit of hard work.