Bible truths: serving Christ in the last days

I am often asked if we are living in the last days.

Pastor Tom Kline, Castlegar Baptist


“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”

– II Peter 3:3-4

I am often asked if we are living in the last days. My answer to this question is yes. The term “last days” in the New Testament actually refers to the time between Christ’s first coming and His second coming (I John 2:18).

So technically we have been in the last days ever since Jesus ascended back into heaven. However, I understand that what they are asking is, “Do you think we are getting close to the end?”

“Is the return of Christ coming soon?” On this point I cannot be as definite for no man knows when that will be. However, it does seem to me that the stage is being set for the final events that will lead up to the coming of the Lord. One thing is for sure, we are closer now than we’ve ever been.

The Bible tells us what it will be like in the last days. Let’s look at some of those descriptions and see if they don’t mirror what is going on around us today.

First, the last days will be a time of poking fun at the truth. (Notice the verse above). Surely you agree that in mainstream society today the Bible is scoffed at.

It is interesting that in a society of tolerance that takes great care not to use any language that might be offensive to any particular group that somehow this does not apply to Biblical values or Christians.

I admit that I am sensitive to this as a Christian but even non-Christians are recognizing the inequities.  Bashing the Bible is in vogue in Canada today and the excuse is that the Bible is out of touch with the values held by are society today.

The truth is, the values of society today are out of touch with the Word of God.

What are Christians to do in these last days? Hold fast to the truth of the Scriptures!

Although it may annoy me, it certainly does not surprise me when non-believers ridicule the Bible. What alarms me is when Christians follow suit.

Society’s denouncements of the Bible have become so bold and strong that many churches and Christians feel they need to apologize for God and adjust to fit the culture.

Too many denominations and even non-denominations have capitulated the truth to the point that they no longer resemble Bible believing churches of the New Testament but the apostate churches of the last days.

Next month I hope to consider another characteristic of the last days. Until then, stand fast in the faith.