Pictured from left

Pictured from left

Birthday outfit cuts Castlegar cheque

Morning Rotary crew the recipient of found funds from gaming centre

It’s a fact of life that over the passage of time a fair amount of money turns up at Chances Castlegar.

This is random money which may be left (in varying amounts) in various machines, or whatever.

It has no legitimate claimant and therefore is put aside for an occasion such as Chances gala second anniversary event which was held at its Ootischenia location on Saturday, August 24.

The batch of money, in this case, $964.62, is earmarked for donating to a worthwhile local non-profit entity.

Castlegar’s Sunrise 2000 Rotary Club learned about a week or so earlier it had been selected as the recipient, and a group of members was most pleased to accept at the Saturday event.

Club president Ron Ross said the club has plans to put the funds to work, most likely into a picnic facility at Twin Rivers Park.

Troy Bilodeau, Director of Operations for Chances Castlegar indicated that things have been very good in the first two years.

“It’s been fantastic for the Berezan Hospitality Group, and Chances Castlegar,” said Bilodeau. “We’ve been welcomed by the community and I think it’s been terrific giving back to the community as well.”

With a staff of over 50, Chances is a significant operation, and given the right circumstances it could become more significant in the not-too-distant future.

“The community gaming centre itself is built to expand,” said Bilodeau, “and we hope, maybe, down the line in the next two to five years, to be able to build a hotel as well. These are things that all depend on the economy and everything else, but right now we are very happy the way things are here.”