Cadet Corps is Calling

Castlegar squadron looking to add to contingent of about 20

Some young people find out early what they want to do with their lives. If they do, there’s probably no better decision to make than to follow their dreams. In the exciting, stable and rewarding field of aviation, kids as young as 12 can get themselves on track toward a solid career.

The Air Cadets program is a proven process that channels an existing interest and nurtures it. Castlegar’s 581 Squadron is putting out the invitation for local youth from 12 to 15. Once involved, a cadet can remain in the program until the age of 19, not only is this good for them, but also for the younger members they can act as role models for.

Keep this fact in mind – if the fascinating world of aircraft is something you’re already interested in, you’ve got a great head start on your road to success. Now here’s some more incentive: the monetary cost is negligible. The military component of the training experience, according to local Commanding Officer Terry Klapper, is available at zero cost to a family. Related civilian fees amount to somewhere in the neighbourhood of $100 per year.The squadron is currently gearing up for an annual event known as the ceremonial review.

This year will be memorable in that Terry Klapper will be turning over the Commanding Officer portfolio to a worthy successor. For a kid who’s keen on a future in aviation, the cadet program represents a direct route to a pilot’s license (power or glider) plus a multitude of other benefits in terms of team-building pursuits including a band program.Time could hardly be spent in a more constructive, positive environment. This is definitely something worth considering.