Lisa Gregorini (fellow Rocky Mtn. hiker)

Lisa Gregorini (fellow Rocky Mtn. hiker)

Castlegar hiker demonstrates commitment

A taxing stroll in the Rockey Mountains is just the way to raise funds for 'Jumpstart.'

Kerry Saari is about to take a nice stroll in beautiful surroundings… nothing unusual about that.

Well, it does happen to be a hike of 88 kilometres including some extreme changes in altitude (climbing) and it needs to be done in 32 hours. That makes it kind of unusual. Plus, she’s starting out by contributing $5,000 for the privilege. Now that’s something you don’t see with a lot of fundraisers, but that’s how much Kerry believes in Canadian Tire’s ‘Jumpstart’ program.

Kerry has been on a training program since last December for the hike in the Rocky Mountains which is set for early September. Her goal (along with completing the hike injury-free, of course) is to round up pledges equal to or greater than her own five grand… with all of the money going to the program designed to give more kids (age 4-18) the benefit of access to organized sports and recreation.

It’s no secret that there is much to be gained by kids from getting involved in activity including hockey, dance, soccer and swimming. These and other such pursuits are well known for helping youngsters develop important life skills, self-esteem and confidence.

Kerry mentions a key point in her fundraising effort:

“The In Memory Donations that I have been receiving are in Memory of  Charles  O. Christensen, late husband of Rosemary Christensen of Castlegar,” said Saari.

“Any donations of any kind can be made at the local Canadian Tire Store, or on my web site (with apologies for length:

“Just a reminder that all funds raised remain within the community and all donated funds are used for children ages 3-18 to participate in a physically active activity – sports, dance, horseback riding, tai kwon do, jiu jitsu, gymnastics, mountain biking, Girl Guides, Brownies, Boy Scouts, Beavers, multi sport, swimming etc.”

So, should you happen to see Kerry Saari treading along an uphill grade somewhere in or around Castlegar in the next while, give her a wide berth, she’s on a mission!