Silent auction items at the Treasure House.

Silent auction items at the Treasure House.

Castlegar Hospital Auxiliary Treasure Shop

It's a going concern and, as with so many thrifts shops, is run by volunteers

Locally known as just the Treasure Shop, it is one of two thrift stores which serve the area, whether you are a shopper or donator.

Betty Beattie who really enjoys her association with the public, gave up her Tuesday morning golf habit. A friend told her she’d have so much more fun here, and after quite a few years, Bettie agrees totally. Born in Scotland and calling Castlegar home now for some time, she’d have it no other way. The Treasure Shop has an ongoing silent auction for those items that may have a higher value, because it’s difficult to put too high a price in a thrift store. So one good solution is to have shoppers put bids on things they like.


Thrift stores, like any other business, have rents to pay and utilities to keep up, so creative ways of selling items and still giving a good deal to the shopper is a constant balancing act. If you would like to be a volunteer, it’s rewarding in many ways – just drop in and say hello. If you would like to donate, don’t forget that in this age of ‘affluenza’, it’s best to bring in things that are clean and in excellent working order.