Castlegar Interact Club: Blogging from Bolivia

Another update from the Castlegar Interact Club members who are in Boliva. This time courtesy of Cole and Israel.

A photo collage showing some of the sights

A photo collage showing some of the sights

Another update from those Castlegar Interact Club members who are currently in Boliva. This time courtesy of Cole and Israel.

August 28, 2013

This morning was Anna’s birthday, so we all woke up and gathered outside her room. We all went inside singing “Happy Birthday” to wake her up. We went down to the kitchen for breakfast. Orlando cooked us a special breakfast for Anna’s birthday, bacon and scrambled eggs. Then we ate one of the two birthday cakes that Anna got. (Juan Carlos also bought a cake for Anna). We all broke into our three groups to clean up and do our chores. Once everything was cleaned up we all went to the worksite.

At the worksite we put the flag pole in, finished levelling off the topsoil in the park area, fixed up the basketball net area, planted the rest of the flowers and trees, and poured lots of slabs of concrete. We are almost done our work on this project and the work is becoming less physical. After today we just need to finish the concrete and the last few miscellaneous things, like putting in the monument.

During recess, Denise helped the director of the school distribute over 130 hats to each one of the students and teachers at the centre. Denise’s mom knitted these hats and the children proudly played the rest of the recess wearing them.

We came back to the scout’s hall to eat lunch quickly and then went back to the worksite. At 3:30 we finished our work for the day and came back to shower and hang out with the Cochabamba Interactors.

After dinner we took taxis to the men’s jail.

There, we went inside and up to a room where the children that live in the prison were gathered. We entertained them with singing and dancing. We presented them with a soccer ball and some uniforms that we raised money for. We handed out their dinner and dessert. We were not allowed to take any pictures while in the prison. We played with them for a little while after that. We left the prison and took taxis back to the scout hall. We talked and went to bed.

-Cole (and Israel)