Castlegar pulse-quickening Sculpturewalk sendoff

Saturday evening event will officially get Castlegar into Sculpture-mode

Castlegar Sculpturewalk

Castlegar Sculpturewalk

After Saturday night the pulse-quickening phenomenon known as Castlegar Sculpturewalk will be all the more intense.

Saturday night will feature artists and invited guests at the Kootenay Gallery for a sort of pep rally, the kind where everyone’s a winner.

Sure there will be extra winners next fall when assorted voting is done.

Kudos will be dispensed for outstanding achievement and public response… etc., and it’ll be nice for talent to be fairly rewarded.

But everyone who lays eyes on these works can be called a winner, and therefore, so can the community of Castlegar.

Get set to hear more, and keep hearing more about Castlegar Sculpturewalk 2014… as soon as next week’s print edition, and this weekend at