Grandview gardening group is most pleased with the progress of its productive project.

Grandview gardening group is most pleased with the progress of its productive project.

Castlegar’s Grandview Gardens going strong

Community effort, with big support, evolving as hoped

A group of Grandview Neighbourhood Gardeners met at the garden site recently to harvest some of their crops. Of the 12 beds available, two were planted by the gardeners with the intent of growing extra produce to share with the food bank and neighbours who cannot or do not garden. This is our way of expressing thanks to the organizations and people who have supported us in our vision of creating a neighbourhood garden for all residents of the area.

In 2011 we set three objectives for the development of the garden: to provide a water supply, to fence the garden from deer and elk, and to widen the driveway to make the garden accessible to trucks for the delivery of  garden materials. With grants in 2011 from the Kootenay  Co-op Environmental Fund and CBT Area J, and in 2012 from Heritage Credit Union Community and Environmental Fund,  Kootenay Savings Community Foundation, and Columbia Power Corporation Community Funding Program we were able to achieve our first two goals.

In 2013 we received  CBT grants from Area J and the City of Castlegar, allowing us to complete our project and also purchase some much needed garden supplies such as mulch, topsoil and garden tools. Thanks to these organizations, and donations and grants-in-kind from community members,  we now have a thriving, productive garden producing healthy, wholesome food for the community.

At present, we have 12 4ft. X 8ft. raised garden beds and five larger 8ft. X 10ft. plots in production. Several of these plots will be available this fall in time to plant garlic, and we hope to construct more raised beds for next spring. We welcome new gardeners from the community who would like to join us. More information on joining Grandview Neighbourhood Garden phone 250-304-2281.