Castlegar’s Relay For Life – Celebrate; Remember; Fight Back!

Something for everyone at Castlegar's 2013 Relay For Life

Photos and text by Derek Jonathan Kaye


This year’s Relay for Life was held at the Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds. With many community

participants and sponsors there were many activities to take in. There was the relay itself, but also a night and stage full of entertainment and a kids section with a giant inflatable bug that had kids diving and bouncing in.

The evening started with an opening ceremony and singing of the National Anthem, followed by a Survivors Victory lap paddled forward by the boisterous Robusters led by a pretty dragon shining in velvet. If that was not enough there seemed to be many participants dressed

in what surely was not their everyday dress. From sailors of an earlier time to whole families dressed in psychedelic tie-dye from head to toe. Some participants just kicked back on the grass enjoying the singing of Dawn Graham, Roy Has Fire or Piper John McLeod.

You could get your hair shaved off in support and give it away to be made into natural hair wigs.

There was a 50/50, Karaoke, Air Guitar Competition, Rooster Crowing Competition, and of course, food all the way till breakfast. So no matter what your age there were activities for everyone.