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Black Press file photo

City of Castlegar plans to offer dumpster for small amounts of summer garbage

Bear Smart initiative looking to reduce wildlife conflict

The City of Castlegar is moving forward with plans to offer residents an option to dispose of their smelliest garbage over the summer months.

The pilot project will feature two bear-smart community dumpsters — one at Pioneer Arena and one near the city’s civic works yard. It will run from July 1 to Nov. 30, to coincide with bear season.

Since biweekly garbage collection is a challenge for some residents during the summer months, the city is looking for a way to further reduce wildlife conflicts that are a result of overflowing, unlocked garbage carts.

The dumpsters have small openings, and the idea is that residents can dispose small bags of household refuse.

Most of the city councillors expressed concerns over potential abuse of the service at their June 14 meeting. They noted that when the city made a dumpster available for litter collected around the community for Pitch-In week back in April, it was abused and filled with all sorts of refuse.

“It will be a luxury for residents to take their smelly stuff and put it there during the hot summer months,” said Mayor Kirk Duff. “But it is a luxury that can very easily be gone if it is abused. So everyone please cooperate — this is a good thing we are trying to do here.”

The pilot project can be halted at any time if it is misused.

Final approval of the project is scheduled for the June 28 city council meeting.

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