Collecting masks a passion for Blueberry resident

Blueberry woman has large collection of tribal masks

Some of the vast collection of masks of Noelle Gibb.

Some of the vast collection of masks of Noelle Gibb.

For Noelle Gibb, you could say that collecting masks is a bit of a passion. In fact, Noelle has more than 170 masks that she has collected over 30 years from many different countries throughout the world.

“I got into the masks by accident,” she says. “I was in Vancouver at a store in Chinatown and saw a mask. It appealed to me, so I bought it. So after that, every time I traveled the first thing I looked for was a mask.”

Noelle was born in Saskatchewan and raised in Ontario. She worked as a men’s hair stylist. Her husband Kelly was an pilot in the Air Force.

Her favourite mask is one that she picked up in Africa. Despite her age, she still remembers the story of each mask on the wall of her house in Blueberry.

“I never thought it would come to this,” she says about her large collection. “I had an auctioneer from Vancouver come by and tell me my collection was the biggest he’d seen.”

Although she has travelled all over the world, Noelle says there’s no better country than Canada.


“The people here are the best,” she says.