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‘Dove Spirit’ finds permanent home at Doukhobor Discovery Centre

Purchase made possible by gift from Castlegar Canadian Tire
Dove Spirit has a permanent home at the Doukhobour Discovery Centre. (L-R) Canadian Tire Senior Managers Doris Raiwet and Alphin Puthalath, Doukhobor Discovery Centre Museum Director Ryan Dutchak, Castlegar Sculpturewalk Executive Director Joy Barrett. Photo: Submitted

Submitted by Castlegar Sculpturewalk

The magnificent bronze Dove Spirit, by renowned artist David Turner, has found a permanent home at the Doukhobor Discovery Centre (DDC), thanks to the generosity of local Canadian Tire owner Marcel Jakubow.

Castlegar Sculpturewalk launched a crowd-funding campaign last year to purchase the piece from the artist and donate it to the DDC. Just days after the campaign launch, Jakubow contacted Sculpturewalk to express interest in purchasing the piece on behalf of Castlegar Canadian Tire, and have it permanently reside at the DDC for the enjoyment of generations to come.

“We are thrilled that Canadian Tire has made the permanent display of Dove Spirit at our museum possible,” says Ryan Dutchak, Director of Museum and Culture. “The dove is recognized as a symbol of peace and love. As such, this sculpture serves as a beautiful representation of the Doukhobors’ belief in peace and universal love.”

“Canadian Tire Castlegar is proud to display Dove Spirit at the Doukhobor Discovery Centre!” says Canadian Tire owner Marcel Jakubow. “Besides being an impressive piece of art, the fact that the dove holds a symbolic significance to the Doukhobors makes it all the more notable that the sculpture be on display at their museum.”

“Castlegar is truly a city of art lovers,” says Castlegar Sculpturewalk Executive Director Joy Barrett, “and we are honoured to facilitate the growth of Castlegar’s permanent public art collection. It is companies like Canadian Tire, who also support us through our sculpture sponsorship program, that make our annual exhibit possible and contribute to Castlegar’s growing reputation as an arts destination. Together, we’re making a difference to the community and the region, one sculpture at a time!”

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