February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

BC SPCA issues challenge to B.C. animal lovers in February

The BC SPCA is calling on all British Columbians to take action to help end the tragedy of pet overpopulation in their community.

“The terrible reality is that there are still many more animals born in our province every year than there are homes for,” says Lorie Chortyk, general manager of community relations for the BC SPCA. “The SPCA and other rescue groups find homes for thousands of these abandoned or surrendered animals every year, but we know that there are so many more who suffer and die after being abandoned by their guardians. It is heartbreaking because this is a completely preventable problem.”

The BC SPCA is calling on animal lovers to take at least one action step in February to help save an animal’s life. Ideas include:

1.   Spay or Stay. Donate the cost of a cat spay ($110) through the BC SPCA’s online Pawsitive Gifts site (spca.bc.ca/support). If you can’t donate the full cost of a cat spay, make an online gift of a cat stay ($12) and your donation can be used towards the cost of sterilizing a cat;

2.   Take Action. Send a letter to the mayor and council in your community requesting a low-cost spay/neuter fund for your area or volunteer to assist with a presentation to council (spca.bc.ca/spay-neuter);

3.   Volunteer. Volunteer to transport animals to and from their spay/neuter appointments or foster an animal who needs spay/neuter surgery aftercare. To find out more, contact your local SPCA branch or visit the volunteer section of the BC SPCA website (spca.bc.ca).

“If everyone who loves animals takes one action step this month it will make a life-saving difference and will bring us closer to ending the tragedy of pet overpopulation in our province,” says Chortyk. She also urged any pet guardian who has not already had their animal sterilized to make a spay/neuter appointment with their veterinarian this month. “Not only does this help prevent unwanted litters being born, but spaying and neutering also has numerous health and welfare benefits for your pet.”

The BC SPCA spends nearly $2 million each year on low-cost spay/neuter programs in communities across B.C. and ensures that every dog, cat and rabbit adopted from an SPCA shelter is sterilized prior to adoption. For more information, visit spca.bc.ca/spay-neuter.