Claire Cartwright is the SHSS student columnist.

Claire Cartwright is the SHSS student columnist.

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Stanley Humphries Secondary School student column

SHSS hopes everyone had a wonderful and safe November. The students were hard at work this month, killing the game as always.

Quarter turn around

On Nov. 17, SHSS students started their new classes. Last quarter went super smoothly (yes, final exams did too) and by the end, students were ready to have their brains filled with valuable knowledge all over again. The next quarter will begin on Feb. 2.

Remembrance Day

This year, SHSS had to change the way their Remembrance Day assembly runs. Instead of the gym, it took place in separate classrooms. The school opted to do a pre-filmed video, which was beautiful, some students even shared their own poetry and musical talents. The entirety of the school took the moments of silence socially distanced, but together, in order to reflect, honour, and thank Canadian Veterans.

Indigenous carving graces SHSS

Indigenous carver, Jake Gravelle, gifted SHSS with a stunning carving that will be showcased at the front of the school. The piece shows two coyotes (our school mascot) howling at the moon. The coyotes represent the students who are looking to the moon, their teachers, to guide them. The Metis, Sinixt and Inuit symbols show some of the various Indigenous groups in our school. We are very grateful for this beautiful artifact!

Student fundraiser

huge hit

Two senior students, Chloe Coleman and Kaitlyn Quiding, hosted a fundraiser within the school for the duration of two weeks. The two of them collected money from C block classes in order to raise money for the hot lunch they are organizing for the less fortunate in our community. They raised a total of $850. Well done Kait and Chlo.

Fit check — SHSS merch

Every Thursday at lunch the Coyote Den is open and sells SHSS merch. All of the designs are by hand, no matter what the product, by hard working students. An SHSS hoodie would be a great Christmas gift for any young scholar. Come visit the Coyote Den and pick something up on Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Fun fact of the month

Did you know that putting your pronouns in your social media bios (ex. she/her, he/him, they/them) creates a safer and more inclusive environment for transgender, non-binary and gender fluid people?

If you are a cisgender person, be a good ally! Put your pronouns in your bio.

Be a good human today: a checklist

Wear a mask

Learn something new

Pick up a piece of garbage

Compliment someone

Then, compliment yourself

Pet a dog (or cat)

Start a book

Listen to your favourite song

Smile more

Treat people with kindness

Go to bed early

Riddle of the month

Nobody has ever walked this way. What way is that?

Answer: the Milky Way

Song of the month

Positions by Ariana Grande