Dove Spirit by David Turner. Photo: Sculpturewalk

Dove Spirit by David Turner. Photo: Sculpturewalk

Fundraising campaign launched to purchase sculpture for Doukhobour Discovery Centre

Group hopes Dove Spirit will find a permanent home in Castlegar

Submitted by Sculpturewalk

Castlegar Sculpturewalk is hoping to raise $19,000 to permanently place the Dove Spirit, by renowned artist David Turner, at the Doukhobor Discovery Centre.

Castlegar Sculpturewalk is spearheading a community fundraising campaign to purchase the piece from the artist.

“This stunning sculpture has been a crowd favourite since we first showed it in our annual program, and we’re very excited to find it a permanent place here in Castlegar,” says Sculpturewalk executive director Joy Barrett. “The artistry and craftsmanship is superb, with the artist deftly portraying the dove’s gracefulness and serenity. We can think of no better home for it than the Doukhobor Discovery Centre.”

“The Doukhobor Discovery Centre is thrilled to have David Turner’s Dove Spirit sculpture on permanent display at our museum,” says Ryan Dutchak, Director of Museum and Culture. “The dove is recognized as a symbol of peace and love. As such, this sculpture serves as a beautiful representation of the Doukhobors’ belief in peace and universal love.”

Castlegar Sculpturewalk is a registered charitable non-profit, and all donations will go directly to the artist to cover the purchase cost of the sculpture.

Donations can be made through the dove-spirit-for-the-doukhobor-discovery-centre GoFundMe campaign.

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