Health-related get-together goes over well

Castlegar wellness clinic attracts a significant turnout

Pure North Synergy rep

Pure North Synergy rep

Good health has always been important, but perhaps the practice of avoiding illness has never had such a high priority as lately. Backing up that suggestion was a wellness clinic, the second within a month, held Friday, Nov. 16 at Castlegar’s Fireside Inn.

A Calgary-based, non-profit foundation called Pure North Synergy staged the clinic which drew about 80 interested locals on Friday, and about half that number the day before.

“We’re trying to move from a sick system – when you’re ill you get help – to, when you’re healthy and feeling well you can do everything you can to stay healthy,” said spokesperson Alison during the busy morning session.

Alison indicated the foundation has been in operation for five years, and that involvement has risen from 2,000 to 16,000 participants in the last three years.