Innovative online “lost and found” site launched for pets

High tech world helps old world cares and concerns about "family members."


The BC SPCA is excited to announce the launch of an innovative new online pet search site that will help reunite thousands of lost pets with their anxious families.

In addition to featuring photos and descriptions of lost animals in care in all BC SPCA shelters, the public will be able to post their own photos and descriptions of lost and found animals directly on the site.

“Each year, the BC SPCA rescues more than 13,000 stray and lost animals,” says Lorie Chortyk, general manager of community relations for the BC SPCA. “Sadly, many of these animals do not have any form of identification linking them to their guardians and we are unable to reunite them with their families. Although we do find new loving homes for them, our first choice would obviously be to return them to their original family.”

On the BC SPCA’s new pet search site, every lost animal brought to any BC SPCA shelter in the province is automatically posted for viewing online, saving valuable time for guardians looking for their lost pet, says Chortyk. “With Good Samaritans also posting found animals on the site, the chances of reuniting people with their lost pet increases.”  On the site, users can post a free listing of a missing or found animal. The listing becomes part of a searchable database on the site and can be edited or removed at any time. For people who have lost a pet, a “Lost Animal” poster is generated with a photo of the missing pet, the pet’s name and description, the date and location the animal went missing and the guardian’s contact information.

“We know how traumatic it can be to lose a beloved pet, and we believe this exciting new online tool will dramatically increase the number of lost animals who are quickly reunited with their anxious guardians,” says Chortyk.

To view lost pets or to post information about a found animal, visit