Japan in July 2014

Preparations underway for Castlegar-Embetsu exchange for next year

Embetsu trip is set for July 2014

Embetsu trip is set for July 2014

Castlegar grade 6, 7 and 8 students have a chance to apply for the opportunity of a lifetime by visiting Castlegar’s Sister City, Embetsu, Japan. They will also visit other parts of the island of Hokkaido and spend time in Kyoto, Hiroshima and the greater Tokyo area during this two week trip.

The Castlegar-Embetsu Educational Exchange Committee (CEEEC) will select six to eight students to travel with two experienced group leaders to Embetsu, Japan. They will also have a chance to meet Embetsu students this year when they visit Castlegar in mid-August.

The fee for each student will be $2,700. This includes all travel costs including meals and lodging, medical insurance, and transportation. The actual cost per student is $4,500 but each student will receive a subsidy of about $1,800 from the CEEEC’s Shikano Fund – set up by Mr. Shikano to help promote student exchanges between Embetsu and Castlegar.

The students will be selected on the basis of their written application, an interview and their school reference. A student’s ability to be an effective ambassador for Castlegar will be an important consideration in the selection process.

The CEEEC is holding a student and parent information session on Thursday April 18, 2013, 7 p.m. at Twin Rivers Elementary School. For more information please contact Curt Kutschera, CEEEC Chair at 365-7785 or send email to curtyurik@gmail.com.