Yanive Feiner at Supercat Studios

Yanive Feiner at Supercat Studios

Learning to Rock

Castlegar's Supercat Studios supplying the entertainment at season's first Concert in the Park

Since the genre was born so many years ago rock and roll has had a strong appeal for young and old alike.

Those of us who were around near the start of the rock boom still feel like kids when we hear that crunchy, beefy tone spewing from amps, drums and PA speakers.

That sound continues to draw young recruits, generation after generation, and Yanive Feiner is in a position to cultivate and nurture their enthusiasm.

It’s been five years since Feiner bit the bullet and followed his dream – turning what was basically a part-time hobby into a full time career with the creation of Supercat Studios.

The talented, focused and energetic Feiner is ready to help when the decision is made to go-for-it!

Yanive and those who work with him at his downtown Castlegar location can help a zealot of any age or background on the road to riffage. Whether the interest leans toward guitar, bass, piano, drums, vocals, songwriting production… Supercat has the knowledge, experience and knack for sharing it that can help a student make fast progress.

The philosophy is to get the player making sounds they recognize and love in the shortest possible time. In fact, Feiner has actually found inspiration from the movie School of Rock.

“I like the way Jack Black taught in that,” said the Supercat head. “The school here is very similar to that approach. All the students get theory but they get it in small doses so they learn what they want right off the bat.”

Feiner agrees that times have changed since the golden age when rock venues were plentiful. But in spite of technological change on so many fronts, there continues to be a strong interest among young people in actually learning to play… and that’s great news given the mp3/Guitar Hero® age we live in.

Of course, as Bill Henderson said so well, so long ago, “If there’s no audience there just ain’t no show.” That brings us to Kinnaird Park… 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 20.

It’s this season’s kick off of the popular Concerts in the Park series and it’ll get off to a strong start thanks to Supercat Studios. Check out the show (donations are welcome) and support the players showing off what their hard work has produced.

For more details on the school, log on to www.supercatstudios.com.