Monstrosities on the menu

Castlegar Hospice Society chooses a timeless and fun theme for its major fundraising event

Because folks never get tired of dressing up and, because it seems nobody has more fun than when they’re having it anonymously, the Castlegar Hospice Society has hit upon what looks like a sure thing.

It’s the first of what is hoped will be an autumn tradition of demonstrating compassion and support for local folks facing serious challenges.

It’s a MONSTER MASH, baby… and it’s this Friday night!

The society noticed there aren’t enough fun Halloween events for the more mature set, so here it comes.

“We saw an opening and decided to go for it,” said coordinatorSuzanne Lehbauer.

This masquerade will take over a sizable share of the Castlegar Community Complex – an evening of socializing, trying to guess who’s dressed up as what, libations, appetizers, dancing to the first rate music kindly donated by “Amusing Yours Truly”… and trying to guess who’s behind those wacky masks!

The thrill of going in-cognito is a special one, bordering on naughtiness. Who doesn’t remember that giddy sensation when entering a room to join a costumed crowd? Suddenly you’re a little looser on the dance floor… inhibitions just a little farther removed!

To top it all off there’s the good feeling that comes from supporting an outfit that has the best interests of 100 per cent of the community at heart.

The local Hospice Society goes to bat for folks of all ages and backgrounds… from all walks of life.

The caring volunteers know full well how far an understanding ear can go in helping a family through a tough time.

It’s a tough time that all will encounter, given enough time.

In the meantime, life does go on and there’s a lot of fun to be had – including this Friday night at the Castlegar Community Complex!

We’ll do the mash… we’ll do the MONSTER MASH! You can double up on the fun, had by yourself, and whoever it is you dress up as…is that really YOU?

Prizes will be awarded for the best get-ups, so don’t hold back. It’s sure to be a great time for a great cause.

The Castlegar Hospice Society’s Monster Mash fundraiser, with all money staying local.

Tickets are just $20. They’ll be available at the door, but why not lock yours up ahead of time at the Fireside Inn, or call Suzanne and she can probably deliver… just call 250-304-1266.