Opportunity for young leaders in Columbia Basin area

Conference coming up for those in southeast BC with initiative and ambition

Young leaders from around the Columbia Basin are invited to

participate in an important conversation at the Columbia River Treaty

Young Leaders Conference. Hosted by Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), the

conference takes place March 16 to 17 in Rossland. The event is FREE to



The goal of the conference is to help young people better understand

what the Columbia River Treaty (CRT) is, how it works and what

considerations exist for the future.


“This is a unique opportunity for young people to get involved and

increase their knowledge on this important issue that may affect their

future,” said Kindy Gosal, CBT Director, Water and Environment. “We

encourage young people to learn more and participate in this discussion

about a locally-relevant international water management agreement.”


The CRT is an international agreement between Canada and the United

States to coordinate flood control and optimize hydroelectric power

generation on both sides of the border. Under the 1964 treaty, three

dams were constructed in Canada, including Mica, Duncan and Hugh

Keenleyside. A fourth dam, Libby, was constructed in Montana. Its

reservoir, the Koocanusa, extends 67 kilometres into Canada.


The CRT has no official expiry date, but has a minimum length of 60

years, which is met in September 2024. Either Canada or the U.S. can

terminate many of the provisions of the agreement effective any time

after September 2024, provided written notice is filed at least 10 years

in advance (2014). While no decision has been made by either Canada or

the U.S. on the future of the current treaty, given the importance of

the issues, and the approaching date of 2014, both countries are now

conducting studies and exploring future options.


Over a thousand Basin residents have already attended CBT-hosted

information sessions about the CRT in communities around the Basin. The

CRT Young Leaders Conference is one more way CBT is helping ensure Basin

residents are informed about the CRT.


For more information, or to apply to attend the conference, visit

www.cbt.org/crtyoungleadersconference. Deadline to apply is Wednesday,

February 29.

To learn more about the Columbia River Treaty, visit www.cbt.org/crt.