Kris Taks (L) leads others in a drum circle even May 30 at Kootenay Family Place.

Kris Taks (L) leads others in a drum circle even May 30 at Kootenay Family Place.

Rhythmic rendezvous in Castlegar

Traditional music packed with meaning for participants in a Castlegar drumming/singing session

It was obvious something was going on at Kootenay Family Place on May 30, and the thumping intensity inside implied it was something involving a lot of feeling.

About a dozen people equipped with hand drums were celebrating their take on spiritual matters and enjoying the experience with others. In the middle of the circle was a large floor drum with a powerful, rumbling tone you could feel in your spine.

“The Castlegar drum circle is hosted by the Aboriginal Family Services Development Program through Castlegar & District Community Services,” explained Kris Taks, Aboriginal Family Services Development  Co-Coordinator

and Family Support Counselor, following the event.

There was a homey, family feeling in the room as the group did different pieces with different dedications.

The drumming group has bee gathering in the community for three years.

“The Aboriginal Family Services Development program is regional,” Taks informed by way of a May 31 email, “and offers cultural support and connection to Aboriginal children and families in the West Kootenay.  The drum circle meets once per month and welcomes all people of all ages to join in.”  She continued, “traditional songs and teachings are shared, all of which come from various First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities; this diversity is a true reflection of the Aboriginal people who live in our region.”

In closing her message Taks related the fact that the programs she’s involved with also offers support to families working with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, support for a local Elder’s group, the Métis Traditional Parenting and Personal Healing Program, as well as drum-making ceremonies, various talking circles, traditional gift making circles  and other gatherings that offer a connection to culture.

For more information about cultural gatherings and events in the West Kootenay region, contact Kris Taks at 250-231-4968 or Donna Wright at 250-777-3280.