Robson FD flexes fundraising muscle

Local volunteer department earns kudos for money-raising moxie

Robson volunteers pictured before May 20 practice.

Robson volunteers pictured before May 20 practice.

Small, but mighty… the phrase is a perfect fit for the Robson Fire Department and also for the generous and community minded residents of Robson.

The 19-member volunteer department came up with $6,200 in the annual Muscular Dystrophy Boot Drive, a fundraiser that firefighters have been actively engaged in since 1954.

On a per capita basis the Robson total is impressive and the department has been saluted by Muscular Dystrophy Canada for it’s showing, gaining “Up and Coming” status along with the Salmon Arm department.

A total of $650,000 was accumulated by participating departments across B.C. and Yukon.

The Robson squad knows that, just as in the speedy response to an emergency, positive results are what it’s all about. A fundraiser for an issue as serious as muscular dystrophy needs dollars and that’s the mindset of the community servants who meet for a practice every Tuesday night at their Waldie Avenue headquarters.

Firefighters took advantage of the lone route in and out of the community, setting up engines with lights flashing out in front of Johnny’s Groceries and Gas during the day-long drive in March. Passing motorists were greeted by a cheerful and persuasive team, loading loons and other denominations in the time-honoured rubber receptacle with impressive consistency.

“A lot of generous people in Robson and area, for sure,” recalled RFD Chief Keith Watson on May 16. “That was a good day, the boys got a lot of money.”

The charming and outgoing volunteers, in full turnout gear made it a request that was hard to refuse. As the Chief conceded with a laugh… “They would have hit ya… they would have robbed you… took your wallet… no really… they did great.”

One good fundraiser deserves another and the RFD is not done yet – making plans for a ‘Firemen’s Challenge’ in late August. The event will welcome reps from various guest departments.

“Hopefully we’ll get a lot of firefighters in town,” said Chief Watson. “It’ll be at the Pass Creek Park. It should be good for us, and hopefully good for muscular dystrophy, too.”