Robson Fire Department to host wildfire prevention events

Community education and clean up events to be held in Robson.

The Robson Volunteer Fire Department (RVFD) has received a National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day award to help host a couple of community events.

The department was awarded $500 from FireSmart Canada for their entry in a contest that saw 20 communities across BC awarded funds to help mitigate the risks of wildfires in their communities.

The first event of the prevention initiative will take place at the Robson Volunteer Fire Department on Thursday, April 28 at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend a meeting where ways to reduce wildfire risk to personal property will be reviewed. The plans for the second part of the initiative — a community clean up day on May 7 — will also be explained at the meeting.

“We are hoping to create an awareness about what you can do to your own personal property, because we do border on a forest in Robson,” said Robson firefighter and event organizer Dustin LePage. “If you look at the homes that have been saved when a wildfire goes through an area, they are the ones that are fire smart. If you do a few simple things right, it can make a big difference.”

On Saturday, May 7 a group effort will be made to make two Robson properties more fire smart. The first is a property owned by an elderly man who cannot take care of the tasks by himself and the second is the area around the old Robson tennis courts. Gloves, hard hats, safety glasses and water will be provided during the event.

The event will be ongoing all day. Residents are encouraged to either come participate in the group effort, or to work on reducing risks at their own properties. Those that participate are invited to share their story on video at a celebration event to be held at the RVFD at 6 p.m. “We want to build a fire smart promo video that would then inspire other communities,” said LePage.

The wind-up will also include burgers, hot dogs and beverages for those who have participated in clean up efforts. If you would like more information or would like to sign up to participate in the group event you can attend the April 28 meeting or contact the RVFD.