Sculpture Walk level of support described as “Awesome”

Popular program enhancing the cultural climate of Castlegar

'Wheel of Life' by Christina Nick

'Wheel of Life' by Christina Nick

The growing Sculpture Walk presence and influence in Castlegar can only be seen as a positive phenomenon, adding an air of culture and sophistication to our humble home.

It’s the sort of thing that’s worth all the effort that goes into it, and more.

Take the Vancouver Island community of Chemainus, for example. Off the main highway, the town needed some vibrancy to keep it from deteriorating, even though it enjoyed a scenic waterfront setting.

Some locals decided to commission a number of murals depicting scenes of nature and local heritage, and the number of complete murals grew. In what seemed like no time the town and its murals (thanks to some effective promotion) became a drawing card for people around the world.

Castlegar appears well on the way to a similar outcome.

A major phase of this year’s walk isset to end soon, before the stage will be set for a significant celebration on October 1.

Awards for the most special of the 26 artworks which have beautified the downtown core will be presented that night starting at 5 p.m.. It will be decided which onewill be purchased by the City of Castlegar. Rounding out the high-end evening will be a dinner theatre from 8 to 9:30 followed by a series of draws.

There should still be time to reserve, call 250-365-8066.

“We’ve had an awesome response,” said spokesperson, coordinator Pat Field of the program.

“The walk concludes on September 24,” he explained.

The popular “Mystery Hunt” will wrap up on Sept. 29.

“The ballot boxes will be taken down then but the sculptures stay up for the year. What we will then do is launch our sales and leasing campaign to get get families, clubs and businesses in town interested in investing in some beauty – purchasing or leasing sculptures for the following year.”

Following the gala, will be the focus of attracting submissions for next year’s walk. The deadline is November 15.