Each staging of Sculpturewalk features a fresh crop of choice art

Each staging of Sculpturewalk features a fresh crop of choice art

Sculpturewalk readies for 2013 surge

Excitement surrounds latest staging of popular event

In the space of a couple of years a cultural makeover seems to have occurred in Castlegar. A good deal of forward thinking along with the ability to make things happen has apparently put the West Kootenay city well on the way to being known as an artistic hotbed.

Sculpturewalk is drawing a breed of visitor interested in art and their presence is welcome and appreciated.

The Sculpturewalk success has been well-chronicled and there is every expectation that the coming season will only build on that success.

For their respective parts, the City of Castlegar and the Columbia Basin Trust have reaffirmed their enthusiastic support for the undertaking.

In a joint press release this week the civic government cites the “importance of the creative economy to its overall economic health, which is why it’s supporting the second year of its Creative Economy Project with more than $184,000, including $60,000 from Columbia Basin Trust (CBT).”

A strong showing by Castlegar in the prestigious Communities in Bloom competition has also served to enhance the city’s image.

Back to Sculpturewalk, about which Mayor Lawrence Chernoff is unabashedly upbeat.

“Our community is very proud of the Sculpturewalk program,” the mayor is quoted in the press release. “Our citizens are excited about the city’s new reputation as an arts centre and the positive attention this is bringing regionally.”

Joy Barrett, Sculpturewalk executive director, echoes His Worship’s sentiments about the growing attraction.

“Sculpturewalk has had three solid years of success under its belt, with increasing success and stability each year,” Barrett is quoted in the March 18 document. “Investing in its development and sustainability will benefit the community as a whole. It’s an exciting time for us and we are grateful for the continued support.”

Rounding out the communique was Gary Ockenden, director of community initiatives, Columbia Basin Trust (CBT).

“This project is a great opportunity for the city to continue to develop a unique identity, encourage tourism and attract new residents and investment,” declared the director. “Partnerships like these will affect not only Castlegar’s creative economy, but those throughout our region.”

Sales and leasing of creations for the 2012 event are currently available. As far as this year’s event is concerned, brace yourself for the coming excitement.

Watch this space for more information as it becomes available, or visit www.sculpturewalkcastlegar.com