Selkirk College Faculty members awarded for excellence

Public welcome to attend September 27 event in Castlegar

Selkirk College’s Standing Committee on Professional Excellence (SCOPE) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011/2012 awards.

The purpose of the SCOPE awards is to recognize and promote both long-term and innovative professional excellence. Faculty and staff are nominated for the awards by students and peers.

This year, five faculty members have been recognized for Long Term Exceptional Performance.

Jane Green – an instructor in the Classroom and Community Support Worker program, has been recognized this year with a SCOPE Award for Long Term Exceptional Performance.

Nominated by a student, Jane was described as “an exceptional teacher, innovator, passionate advocate, and innovative life coach”.  After spending time in Jane’s class, one colleague observed Jane as being ” an exceptional listener and very student-centered”.  “In my experience,” wrote another student, “she is an exceptional woman”.

One community member described the Shelter Guides Home Share and Respite Care Training that Jane spearheaded, and worked with community members to develop, as “the first practical training ever offered specifically for home-share and respite care providers”.


Garry Graham – a Ceramics instructor in the Kootenay Studio Arts program, has also been recognized with a SCOPE Award for Long Term Exceptional Performance. Student feedback indicates Garry has had great success as an instructor. Students describe him as a teacher that “inspires creativity” and motivates them to give their best.

Faculty and staff describe Garry as having extraordinary dedication to teaching, and as a “gifted instructor who is focused on excellence in studio practice”. Garry has been admired for effective leadership, student centeredness, and professionalism during the challenging changes over the past year.

Elizabeth Lund, a Chemistry instructor and University Arts and Sciences Coordinator has been recognized for Long Term Exceptional Performance. Elizabeth was nominated by a student – this student-initiated feedback indicates great success as a teacher.  One student commented that Elizabeth was“…always available with helpful advice, kind words, or just an open ear and a friendly smile”.  Elizabeth’s hard work definitely did not go unnoticed or unappreciated by students.

Faculty and staff describe Elizabeth as a dedicated instructor and coordinator whose “…quiet and determined compassion for education, …mediation skills,… and creativity are constant reminders about how a community of educators need to be with each other”.


Ruth Dubois – an instructor in the Nursing program, has been recognized for Long Term Exceptional Performance. Colleagues describe Ruth as a “leader and inspiration” for writing an outstanding accreditation report for the College of Registered Nurses in British Columbia (CRNBC) in January 2012.   They commend her efforts to bringing the faculty together and reaffirming their belief in the nursing program and its excellence.

Students describe her as an exceptional instructor, student-centered, up-to-date, dedicated  and caring.


David Feldman – a University Arts and Sciences Math instructor and SCFA President, has been recognized for Long Term Exceptional Performance.

Student feedback indicates David’s success as a teacher. Students find him dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, “hilarious and kind”.  One student credits his success ( in what was once his weakest subject)  to David’s ability to “make math class funny, entertaining, and incredibly educational”.

David shares his enthusiasm for music, dancing, hiking and learning with his students, colleagues, and community.  Recently, his participation in course suspensions were noticed by students, colleagues, and the community. After hearing David speak at the Board of Governor’s meeting, a student wrote, “I admired his steadfastness, diplomacy, and the clear devotion he has to Selkirk College and the education of students.”

The Awards Ceremony will take place in the Staff Lounge at the Castlegar campus on Thursday, September 27, from 5:00-7:00 pm. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome!