SPRING FLING hockey schedule

Just so all the players and fans know exactly when to prepare for.


Rinks are to be set up in the heart of downtown Castlegar as an integral component of Spring Fling 2013


Rink # 1

11:00-11:25- MW3ers VS Canadians

11:30-11:55- Nooks VS Bulls

12:00-12:25- Swat team VS Castlegar Canucks

12:30-12:55- Canucks VS Devils

1:00-1:25- Bench Warmers VS Castlegar Lightning

1:30-1:55- The Bulls VS Iron Sticks

2:00-2:25- Millionaires VS A Team

2:30-2:55- Canadians VS Flames

3:00-3:25- Nooks VS Road Rumblers

3:30-3:55- Road Dawgs VS Swat Team

4:00-4:25- The Robbers VS A Team

4:30-4:55- Canucks VS Mnt FM

5:00-5:25- Renegades VS Iron Sticks


Rink # 2

11:00-11:25- The Flames VS The Ice

11:30-11:55- The Lumber jacks VS Road Dawgs

12:00-12:25- The Robbers VS Millionaires

12:30-12:55- Mnt FM VS Pc Crew

1:00-1:25- The Titans VS Renegades

1:30-1:55- Ootiscenia  Blazers VS A Team

2:00-2:25- The Bench Warmers VS Castlegar Lightning

2:30-2:55- Ootischenia Sharks VS The Ice

3:00-3:25- Bulls VS Lumber Jacks

3:30-3:55- MW3ers VS Castlegar Canucks

4:00-4:25- Millionaires VS The Bulls

4:30-4:55- Ootischenia Blazers VS The Titans

5:00-5:25- PC Crew VS The Devils