Slamo relay team's total raised was five times its goal before they knew it.

Slamo relay team's total raised was five times its goal before they knew it.

YOLO: We Joined Relay For Life!

Youthful squad amazed by level of support for their efforts

We are a group of high school students and our friends and family, and our team name is YOLO. It stands for You Only Live Once. As a team we are strong believers in living our lives to the fullest, and cancer is taking this opportunity away from our friends and family.

This is why we chose YOLO. At first it was overwhelming to see how many people were willing to donate to our Relay team. Because it was our first time with Relay, Mandy put our fundraising goal as $300.

We quickly realized that we would be raising much more. We signed up for Relay just a couple of weeks ago and already we have raised over $1,500!  We got the word out through Facebook and e-mails to our family & friends, asking for donations as well as asking them to join our team.

I also invited Relay For Life representatives to make a presentation to our school in Salmo, which helped us recruit teammates.

When you do a fundraiser you see how many people really care about a good cause, and I think one of the reasons we raised so much in so little time is due to living in such a small community and having so many strong connections. Everyone is always willing to help each other.

I can’t wait to see how much we end up raising! Our fundraising ideas for the next couple weeks include asking different community groups for donations, and our friends are shaving their heads- they are donating $100 per head shaved, which is amazing!

Five of them have shaved their heads so far and in total they have raised $700! We also had a bake sale. We are really looking forward to Relay day!  All of us are especially looking forward to the luminary ceremony because I have put my mom and a friend’ mom’s names in there, and Mandy will be putting her grandpa’s name on a luminary too.

Mandy says she feels blessed to have the opportunity to be involved in such a day, and we are all so happy to be a part of this as participants and volunteers to help fight back against cancer!

We hope to see you at Relay!



Kirsten Faris, Mandy Huser and Lynsey Gray


The Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is coming to a town near you!

May 26 at Haley Park in Trail, June 2 at James Donaldson Park in Grand Forks,

June 9 at Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds in Castlegar

June 16 at Lakeside Park in Nelson For more information call Stacey 250-364-0403