'Pussyfoot' by

'Pussyfoot' by

Art Walk Profile – Mary Kate Woodward

One of 27 unique creations gracing a number of locations in Castlegar

The 16th Annual Castlegar Art Walk runs from now until September 16, 2012 and features 27 different artists on display at 25 venues throughout the community. For brochures and information visit the Castlegar Chamber of Commerce at www.castlegar.com or 1995 6th Avenue, Castlegar (250.365.6313).

Here is just one of the delightful artists featured this year.

Artist Name: Mary Kate Woodward

Exhibit Location: Dundee Wealth – Castleaird Plaza (Location 17)

Artist City: Castlegar, ON

Medium: Ink drawings

Years Active: Since prior to coming to the Kootenays 11 years ago

Photos: attached are two, taken by Per Joensen, of drawings in this year’s Art Walk exhibition.  One is of cats, titled “Pussyfoot”.  The other is one of a series of drawings of does with fawns and is also on the invitation to this year’s art walk exhibition.

Statement: I exhibited and taught art as a member of Karla Pearce’s Creative Edge Galley collective while it was in Castlegar. 2012 is my third year with Castlegar’s Art Walk. This summer I am also a featured artist at Invermere’s Pynelogs Gallery. Drawings in both shows, Art Walk and Pynelogs, focus on reductive line. Subjects’ poses and gestures are simplified and abstracted to benefit the interplay of, and the flow of line(s).